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 Application Part 1 : Complete!

Now for Part 2...

We are thrilled you have completed Part 1.

Your application will be processed upon completing

Part 2 : Submit your 1 minute video. 


Your video will give us an idea of how you present yourself on camera, demonstrate your personality and show that you have the right environment and set-up to work for us via video. 


Before you submit your 1 minute video, make sure you watch and read our guidelines below. 

Content Requirements

Your video should include:

1. Your name [5 Seconds]

2. Why you would like to work for us [20 Seconds]

3. Your greatest strength. Yes, of course you're a great actor, but what in particular about your skill set makes you suitable for this work? [35 Seconds]

Lighting Requirements

Environment Requirements

Submit your 1 minute video

Save your video on any popular video platform, you tube, vimeo etc

and then send us the link via this form.

What next?  If the video message meets our criteria and we are actively recruiting, we will invite you to audition.  Now that you have applied, we will keep you posted from time to time as opportunities arise.

Please note that the current circumstances mean we have a very high number of applicants and it is taking a while to respond to everyone in a timely manner. Please bear with us.  

We are prioritising responding to people who have followed all the instructions accurately so do please take your time reading the instructions.

Support and training for people who find technical things a challenge is being put in place, we'll let all applicants know when this is available.

Thank you so much for all your time and effort. We look forward to working with you soon.

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