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Part 2 : Submit your 1 minute video. 


Your video will give us an idea of how you present yourself on camera, demonstrate your personality and show that you have the right environment and set-up to work for us via video. 


Before you submit your 1 minute video, make sure you watch and read our guidelines below. If you're applying for Face-to-face work only, you don't need to prepare your lighting or environment .

Content Requirements

Your video should include:


1. Your name [5 Seconds]

2. Why you would like to work for us [20 Seconds]

3. Your greatest strength. Yes, of course you're a great actor, but what in particular about your skill set makes you suitable for this work? [35 Seconds]

Lighting Requirements

Environment Requirements

Submit your 1 minute video

Please type your name and phone number in the message box.

If your video is too large, we recommend using ClipChamp to compress your video.

What next?  If the video message meets our criteria we will invite you to audition.