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Join our Actor Team

for online and face-to-face role play work

What is ActorBank?

We provide flexible role-play work for jobbing actors with great character and improvisation skills. Our client facing brand (the shop-front, if you like) is AvatarJo. Check out the services our actors provide here.


Our actors are specially trained to help people practise difficult conversations. We specialise in online via-video role-play, which means our actors can work from home, although we also offer face-to-face work. 

What's it like working for ActorBank?

Are you eligible to work for us?

We are currently recruiting professional actors interested in via video work. 

You must be over 18 and fit the following requirements:

  • Previous acting and role-play experience

  • Trained in acting or performance (qualification desirable)

  • Own a PC or laptop device

  • Have access to excellent broadband connection and a quiet space to work from

  • Have a plain wall to work in front of (this will be your background when you are working via-video) as well as good lighting equipment (instructions on how to set this up are provided during application).

  • Have good availability to complete our training course within the next month.

We are currently particularly welcoming applications from actors who identify as BAME. All genders welcome.

Our Training Course

(via video applicants only)

To work via-video, all actors must pass our online training course.  This course will provide training and set up support allowing you to work with any via video training provider and give you a 'ActorBank Remote Actor' certification.


About the course

  • Fast track training takes between 6 and 10 hours depending on your level of technical competency and learning speed. This includes contact hours and personal learning.

  • Training timetables are tailored around your availability

  • Our course will provide you with the unique tools to deliver our via-video training with total competency. 

  • By the end of the course you will feel confident handling clients and be able to consistently deliver client focussed learning outcomes through brilliant character improvisation

Why we train our actors

Conducting our via-video work requires high technical competency and a unique skillset. Our actors are required to do more than just act, they need to be able to;


  • Seamlessly handle the technical set up of the client

  • Handle clients attending on multiple devices

  • Solve technical issues

  • Pay exquisite attention to the client's behaviour in order to give comprehensive feedback

  • Facilitate learning objectives and desired outcomes of the client

...and all whilst at the same time playing a convincing character - it's a juggling act which takes practise to perfect and deliver effortlessly.


Training is often free if you are already a highly skilled role-play actor, you meet our current casting requirements and can train to our required deadline.

Training deposit. The training is delivered by our professional actor team, who of course get paid. To ensure any actor is committed to completing the training, we take a deposit, which is returned as soon as you qualify.

There is a fee for training if you are less experienced, will need more input from us to be ready for clients.   All fees come with an earn your money back in 12 months guarantee.

Your personalised training offer will be set out in your training offer email, once you have passed audition.

Contracts and requirements are drafted with input from Equity members, GDPR advisors and client security responsibilities relating to GDPR.

How to apply

Apply online using our online application form.

The application process will take roughly 20 minutes and consists of an online form and 1 minute video of you in your work environment.
You will be given guidelines on how to set up your work environment and lighting once the online form is completed.

If your application is successful we'll invite you to meet us via-video for a short role-play audition.

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